Why you need Allusion Blinds

In case you are planning to achieve elegance with your interior design, you have many options to choose depending on what you prefer. However, the easiest yet effective modern decorative curtains today are the Allusion blinds. This solution brings a unique shading solution for your home d├ęcor, which you will definitely love. Allusion blinds bring a subtle light diffusion to regulate light and offer maximum privacy when necessary. You can easily filter out the daylight in the day and still achieve a beautiful view of the outside, then close up for complete opaqueness at night.

Allusion blinds are designed from combining sheer and opaque textured fabric, which come in two forms. They are; horizon, and vistas, and they differ in versatility and toughness. While horizon is a normal textured fabric, vista fabric is flame resistant. Both have special features like child and pet safety mechanisms. The vanes are designed to shift slightly when you slide them to regulate lighting.

  • The flowing vanes slide appropriately to allow you to filter daylight while retaining the view when opened.
  • Completely block all exterior light to enhance maximum privacy and security when closed at night
  • No restriction to the other side making them great for separating rooms as you can simply walk through the blinds
  • Child safe designs to keep toddlers and pets safe from harm
  • Flame resistant fabric to stop fires, heat, and smoke from spreading, which gives you more than enough time to escape time in case of a fire. This is the greatest innovation yet.
Common Questions Asked What are colors are available?

Depending on the manufacturer, you may have limited colours to choose from. Many online providers have access to a huge range of colours, however.

What happens in the case of a fire?

There are special allusion blinds fabrics designed to resist flame and block heat from moving to the other side of the room. This means they can act as a wall to protect you and your property for a spreading fire.